Thursday, 23 April 2015

Holiday Reading

In the holidays I read Captain underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo - boxers, Milad  the voyage to Ophir and The Bottle IMP. I like to read it in my room on the bed where no one can disturb me. Captain underpants is about a man named Tippy. He is an evil scientist who plans to take over the world but instead he ruins it. The world was attacked by Zombies and Captain underpants wasn't there to save the world. Tippy must find a way to get Captain Underpants and save the world. Milad the voyage to Ophir is about a young man named Milad who family struggles to find food and money. He dreamed of being a sailor but was a farmer boy who was surrounded by land and animals. Becuase of his family struggling to find food he joins a crew and sails overseas. Many problems pass them but have no protection. The Bottle IMP is about a man named Keawe who has bought a bottle for 50 dollars. He isn't very rich but 50 dollars was all he had. The Bottle could not break at all, though it is made of glass. As Keawe gets older he gets a bad disease and has to sell the bottle before he dies. All of my three books I have read in the holidays are Fiction.


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