Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Blog Commenting

This is my blog comment on Nyjah's blog. I commented on her Measurement graph about how accurate LS1 can throw a bean bag into a bucket. Groups had to work together to get this task completed. If you wish to read more you can find Nyjah's blog here.

Roman Numerals Quiz

This is my Roman Numerals Quiz. I got every answer correct for level 3. Next time, I wish to try more advanced levels. 

Amelia Earhart, Jean Batten - Timeline

Today for my other I did another timeline for Amelia Earhart and Jean Batten. This task was easy because I learnt many facts about these 2 aviators from the past couple weeks. I worked with Koloa and Ofa to do this task. My group enjoyed learning more facts about Earhart and Batten.

Jean Batten - Conclusion

Last week for Writing we practised how to write an introduction about Panmure Bridge School. This week for our session we practised how to write a conclusion about Panmure Bridge. We used the ideas about our sponsors, monitors and activites we have at PBS. Then we carried on with our information report about our personal favourite aviator and wrote a conclusion about that aviator. This is my conclusion about Jean Batten.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Jean Batten Information Report - Inquiry

Last week Mr Wong's Inquiry group chose to either make a rap battle, common craft video or write an information report about  Mr Wong showed us a few examples of a common craft and a rap battle. I chose to write an information report about Jean Batten. I talked about her early life, early flying and her record breaking flights. I found more interesting facts about Jean Batten.

Richard Pearse & Wright Brothers - Timeline

Today for Reading Mr Wong's groups had to do a timeline on Richard Pearse & The Wright Brothers. We could work in groups, independently or in pairs. I decided to work with Ofa. We needed to use the Pioneering Aviators provided by Mr Wong to research about the two aviators. We needed to prove who flew the plane first. By the time we were finished we would have an answer. I enjoyed learning about Richard Pearse's and The Wright Brother's timeline.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Classroom Measurement

This week for Maths we worked on Measurement. In our groups we discussed the different units in measurement, then talked about which is best to use in Maths. For our must do we had to measure 10 items in the classroom. I paired up with Jeremiah. First we made a thumb ruler. To make our thumb ruler we had to measure the width and length of our thumb and mark it. Then we put numbers to show how many thumbs. After that Jeremiah and I measured 10 classroom items using our thumb ruler, cm ruler and metre ruler. Then we did the maths to show how many kilometres and millimetres are in that specific item. I enjoyed doing this must do with Jeremiah.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Studyladder - Comparing Large Numbers

For my other (must do task list) I played Studyladder. I played the specific activity Comparing Large Numbers. I had to answer several questions about large numbers or numbers in between. I enjoyed doing this task because it is a good practise for large numbers. 

Roman Numeral Puzzle - Transum

Today for my can do of the week I played a different transum activity called Roman Numeral Jigsaw. In the game you have the fit the pieces in the write spot like a jigsaw puzzle. If you know your roman numerals this game will be easy. After the puzzle is done (like the picture above) all your numerals will be in order from a certain number to another. There are different levels to try depending on how good you are with your Roman Numerals. Here is the site if you are interested. 

Blog Commenting - W7

Today for Blog Commenting I commented on Nyjah and Fraidon's blog. They have very interesting work on their blogs. Nyjah's blog post was a presentation about Jean Batten, and Fraidon made a biography about Batten as well. They have done a great job on their work. Here is Nyjah's and Fraidon's blog if you are interested.  

Jean Batten - Inquiry DLO

This week for Inquiry we had to switch groups. I had to work with Mr Wong and learn about Aviators. For our first session we were divided into groups. We were given a paper and these following aviators: The Wright Brothers, Richard Pearse, Amelia Earhart and Jean Batten. Then we had to answer the questions that Mr Wong asked about that aviator while also rotating as we went along. Then after that Mr Wong and our group talked about what we wrote on our group papers. For our Must do we had to make a DLO about our favourite aviator. I have learnt many facts about Jean Batten and wish to learn more. 

Jean Batten - Information Report, Introduction

Today for Writing we revised the structure and language features for an information report. In our session we had to write an introduction about Panmure Bridge. In our groups we brainstormed about PBS. Our groups wrote an Introduction about PBS using our brainstorm from earlier. For our Must Do we had to write an introduction about our favourite aviator from Inquiry. I chose Jean Batten because she was a brave and well known aviator. 

Jean Batten & Amelia Earhart Biography

This week for Reading Mr Wong's groups were divided into 4 groups. Each group was named after a famous aviator, Jean Batten, Amelia Earhart, Richard Pearse and the Wright brothers. In our session we competed against the other groups to define some keywords about flight. This task helped us with our Inquiry task. Our must do was to make a biography about Jean Batten and Amelia Earhart 2 famous aviatrixes that made amazing achievements. I found impressive facts about Jean Batten and Amelia Earhart. I enjoyed learning about these aviators. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Average Weather in Auckland

This week for Maths, Mr Ogilvie's groups had to make a different type of graph, A Line Graph. First Mr Ogilvie showed us a false weather template for the whole year except for July. We had to figure out the averge tempature, rain and wind. We then created a graph on paper and on google sheets. I did this task with Affonso. I enjoyed making a line graph for the first time .

Writing - How do Airplanes Fly?

Today for Writing, Mr Wong's groups worked with Mr Leckenby. For our session we made an example for an explanation text. We worked on remembering the Structure of an explanation text. Then for our must do we had to use the bike examples to write an explanation about How airplanes fly. I think this explanation was better than my previous because I included the title, introduction, explanation (3 paragraphs), and the conclusion. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Transum - Addle

Today for my Maths Can do I did Addle. For this activity you have to use the numbers 1 to 14 and put them in the correct spots. The key is to use your basic facts skills to get faster at adding them. I finished this task in 113 seconds. I enjoy playing Addle. You can find Addle on this website.

General Knowledge - Angari

W.A.L.T: find information about the world around us. Today for our Reading Can dos, we had to do a General Knowledge task. For this task I studied Tonga, a country in the south pacific. I learnt a lot of different interesting facts about this country. I think I found the language very interesting. For this task I worked with Tiava. I enjoyed learning about the 'Friendly Islands'. I hope a learn more countries like this one. 

Blog Commenting - Angari

Today for Blog commenting I commented on Tiava and Jeremiah's blog. They had very different problems on their task, but did an amazing job. I think Jeremiah's General Knowledge on Cook Islands was great. Tiava's results on prototec were excellent. 

Rocket Experiment

L.I: How technology expands human development, L.I: How society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology past, present and future. This week for Inquiry, Mr Ogilvie's group did a Rocket experiment. For this we pinned approximately 7 metres of a fishing line from one end of the room to the other. Before pinning you put a straw through the line.  For the rocket you blow a balloon, then use some tape to stick it on the straw. Instead of tying the end we used a clip. We did this experiment three times for each balloon (three balloons). It was fun predicting and watching the balloon run through the string like a flying fox. While doing this experiment we had to record the data. Using that data we made a bar graph show us how many metres each balloon went. The graph is showing you that balloon one went through the furthest. I think the graph was easy because I am experienced and currently learning about new graphs. I had fun doing the Rocket experiment. 

Key Word Summary - High Flyers

L.I: to summarise the main idea from the text. Today for Reading, Mr Wong's groups worked on Summarising. First we started by revising what a summary would need. Then we read a section from the text High Flyers, and used Keywords to answer the 5 ws and the h. We then used those points to make a summary about the first section of the text. Our Must Do was to make a summary about the whole text in 25 words or less. This task was hard not to include too much detail, but I got there. I enjoyed revising on Summaries and writing them.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Structure & Language Features - Explanation Text

L.I: to learn the purpose of an explanation text, L.I: to learn the structure and language features of an explanation text. This week for Writing, Mr Wong's groups are now focusing on an explanation text. In our session we worked on the structure and the language features of an explanation text. In groups, we highlighted the similarities and differences between an information report and an explanation text. For our follow up we had to make a poster about the structure and the language features of a explanation text. I think I saw a lot of similarities between the different texts. There were less differences between the two

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Blog Commenting

Today Panmure Bridge School, went to the Manaiakalani film festival. We watched some amazing movies from hard working schools. After we came back to blog comment on their movies. I blog commented on Room 10 at Tamaki Primary. They made a movie called 'Making Choices'. I think this was a terrific short film because most students can relate to these problems, and they showed us the solutions. I think Room 10 has done an amazing job on their film. 

Addle - Transum

Today for my Any Can Do I played Addle. Addle is a similar to a puzzle, but using your mathematical skills to solve it. On the blue section above, you have the numbers 1 - 14. On the yellow section there are answers to equations that you have to solve by putting the correct number in each box. This activity was hard at first, but I used my basic facts to help me. It took 235 seconds to do this activity. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bar Graph - Collecting Data Accurately

L.I: To accurately collect data, L.I: to accurately present data, L.I: to accurately interpret data. This week for Maths, Mr Ogilvie's groups had to make a bar graph using data. For our session we did an example of how to accurately collect data, how to accurately present data and how to accurately interpret data. After that we would use those examples to make our own investigation and create our own bar graph. I decided to do this Must Do on my own. My chart is based on how many times a side number can roll on a six sided dice. In conclusion I found out that 5 & 6 rolled the most because in this graph it shows you that they rolled 9 times. I also found out that 4 rolled the least because it  only rolled 4 times. I found a lot of data when I finished. I enjoyed making a bar graph. 

Rockets - Lesson 2

L.I: How technology expands human development, L.I: How society and enviroments impact on and are influenced by technology past, present, and future. This term our topic is Flight. Last week I worked with Mr Wong. This week I am working with Mr Ogilvie again. Instead of researching about Migration we focused on Rockets. We used Rocket lab to design our own rocket and make it successful. We had to make sure it was cheap and not risky. We had to focus on the Shape, Propellant, Control and Stages. Each group had a turn trying to design a successful rocket. My group designed the Atlas V which made a very successful flight. I enjoyed designing a rocketship. 

Inferring - First Flying Machine

L.I: to infer information using clues and prior knowledge. This term Mr Wong's groups are focusing on inferring. This week we read the text first flying machine by Read works. In our session last week we inferred on a fiction text. This week we are focusing on inferring a non - fiction text. For our Must do we had to record our inferences we made about the text First Flying Machine. We had to work as a group. I enjoyed working with Tongariro on this group slide. 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Hunua Falls - Narrative W4

L.I: to plan and write a narrative within a week. This week for Writing, Mr Wong's groups had to write a narrative then edit it like we have been practicing for the past few weeks.  We had to either use a planner provided by Mr Wong, or plan it yourself. I used a planner from Mr Wong because it was very detailed and helped me write my story. For my story I wrote about camping at Hunua Falls. I think next time I could write about a different genre in my story.