Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Origins of Easter

Today in LS1 we learnt the Origins of Easter and Easter Eggs. I learnt a lot of different facts about Easter. I enjoyed this project. 

Making Easter Eggs

Making Easter Eggs

Today in LS1 we made chocolate Easter eggs. I was very excited and happy that we were making chocolate. We were split into groups of 4, then waited for our chocolate buttons and hot water. Each group was given a saucepan and a plate. Miss Paton went around each group and poured chocolate melts on our plates. My group wanted to just eat the chocolate buttons instead of Easter eggs. Then, Miss Paton poured boiling water into our sauce pans. Then we started mixing. Each of us had a turn in our group. We watched the chocolate buttons melt into a thick mixture. Then we took a plastic molds and poured our chocolate in. Then we tapped the plastic mold to make sure it was even. After that, we went to the hall kitchen and set our Easter eggs in the fridge overnight.

How to make Easter Eggs

How to make Easter Eggs
What you will need:
Stove pot
Chocolate Buttons
Easter egg molds
Plate ( big enough to cover the stove pot)
  1. Pour chocolate buttons onto your plate.
Screenshot 2016-03-22 at 9.24.57 AM.png
  1. Pour boiling water into the saucepan
  2. Put your plate of chocolate buttons on top of the saucepan
  3. Stir the chocolate buttons until it’s melted
  4. Use your knife and spoon to pour enough chocolate into each mold
  5. Put your molds into the fridge overnight
  6. When the chocolate has set pop the easter eggs out

A Secret Place

A Secret Place

Alana and her family had moved to Auckland. Alana had just been to her school for some time and she was enjoying herself in her new home and new school. She wanted to know more about her town before she started school. One sunny afternoon, she and her dog AJ. wanted to go and explore their new town. As they were exploring they found an old abandoned street. They found a door that lead to somewhere they never knew.

Alana covered the entrance with a ripped sheet and walked back home. She was dying to know where it lead to. She didn’t know if it was dangerous or not. The next day all Alana thought about was where that secret entrance led to. After school Alana took AJ out for a walk. Then she ran straight to the abandoned street where the secret place was. Alana quickly opened the sheet and saw a little pathway with a light leading the way. It was getting dark but Alana and AJ went in anyway. It was like a maze, but with a roof on top.

When Alana and AJ just walked in the sheet was covered with a large piece of stone. Alana tried pushing it out of the way, while AJ tries to help. It was no use. They were trapped. Instead of going out that way they decided to find some help, or some other way out. Alana had second thoughts about the secret place. She was scared and so was AJ, but they picked themselves up and followed the path.

It was nearly half an hour, Alana and AJ were exhausted. Alana kept on bumping into walls. AJ was so tired his legs were shaking like jelly. Alana stopped to catch her breath. Suddenly, she started hearing voices. AJ looked around him to see what it was. Alana kept on walking and the more steps she took the louder the voices. AJ tried to catch up with Alana. They were starving and thirsty. They sweated until their clothes were soaking wet. AJ put up his ears which meant he changed his mood. He was barking so loud that Alana’s ears were ringing. Instead of listening to the irritating bark from AJ, Alana kept walking.

They noticed that the light was getting brighter. After an hour of walking, they found a creature that looked like it was meditating. The longer he meditated the more he shined. He looked wise and peaceful. Alana was so fascinated she forgot all about getting trapped. The creature stopped meditating and looked at Alana. “My dog and I are trapped please help us get out” Alana shouted. The creature turned around to the wall and did hand action and symbols. He was shining so bright Alana’s eyes were nearly blinded. Once the little creature was finished there was an open entrance. It was hard to see for Alana, but AJ ran out and barked till the neighbourhood started to complain. They were hungry and thirsty. They ran all the way home just in time for dinner.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Poem

Today in LS1 we made poems about Easter. It was very tricky to find words with the exact letter. i enojoyed making poems about Easter.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Andy Warhol Research

Today in our Art group we researched about Andy Warhol. We found a lot of interesting facts about Andy Warhol. We also researched about his famous pop art. My partner was Savelina, and we enjoyed researching about Andy Warhol.

Friday, 11 March 2016

KWL Tuataras

Today in LS1 we were put in our reading groups. We had to make a KWL. K stands for what I know,the W stands for what I want to learn and the L stands for what I learnt. We had to talk about our subject which is Tuataras. First we had to write what we know about Tuataras, then without looking at our books we had to write questions about what we want to know. Then we read our books and typed what we learnt. I had lots of fun doing this with my reading groups. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Today in LS1 I learnt how to play addle. We had to add numbers together to get the right answer without more than 14 numbers. It was hard but I got the right answers. I had lots of fun playing this game. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Number Stones

Today in LS1 we played number stones. I played with Apitanga and Savelina. I was playing against Apitanga and Savelina was the judge. At the end of the game I won the game. I had lots of fun. 

Science Planning House - Observing Milk

Today I did a Science Planning House. We needed to observe the surface tention of milk. We needed to put 4 drops of food colouring on a bowl of milk. Then we put two drops of dishwashing liquid in the center of the bowl of milk. The dishwashing liquid broke the surface tention which made the food colouring sink to the bottom of the bowl of milk. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Science Planning House

This is a screen shot of my Science Plan House. We did an experiment if we could make plastic out of milk. My group didn't get the expected results but I think we could have added more quantity of an ingredient. I had fun doing this experiment even though it didn't work.

Blog Commenting

Today I went on Mia, Mele and Claudia's blog to blog comment. They had very interesting blogposts. I learnt the different ways of other people's blog posts. I think they could have more and more ideas and posts about their learning.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Prototech Basic facts Maths results

Today I went on the Prototech website to practise my basic facts. I was very familiar with these group areas: Basic facts to one thousand, Addition to 20, Subtraction to 20, and Multiplication and Division. I did very well and only got one wrong question. I think I could improve on one of my group areas, Basic facts to 1000.