Friday, 23 September 2016

Kiwi Sport - Run Jump Throw

This week was the last week for Run Jump Throw. I enjoyed it because it was like a circus. We had to split into groups from station to station. We used the techniques from this term for our Rotation. Our goal was to get the least points. I got 12 points and really enjoyed this weeks Run Jump Throw.

A Long Way Down - Angari

This week for Writing we had to write a short narrative. I wrote about a Long way down. Our task was to choose a prompt from our group slide and write a short narrative about it. I enjoyed coming up with ideas about a Parachute.

Independent Reading Tasks - Breathless

This week for Reading we had to choose a text and do the Independent Reading Tasks for that text. We had to do tasks like the Summary Challenge, Making Predictions, and the Text type. I noticed that all these tasks were what we learnt in our sessions this term. I liked doing the Independent Reading tasks because it made me revise of what I learnt this term. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Studyladder - I Love Animals

This week for Can Dos I did Studyladder. I finished all my Reading Comprehension tasks finishing with the text I Love Animals. I had to answer all 10 questions from the text given. This very easy because the text was too easy. 

Maths Methods

L.I: to teach the Korean Method, L.I: to investigate the 3 multiplication strategies. This week for Maths Mr Ogilvie's groups collaborated for our session. We were put into a group with a person or 2 from Taupo, Wakatipu and Wanaka. We had to teach our Method from the previous week. Then on our own google slide we had to explain all 3 methods for one of the equations chosen. I enjoyed learning the Korean, Japanese and the Algorithm Method. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Inquiry - Lisa Carrington

Since we have finished rotating in our groups for Inquiry, our class wanted to do 1 more DLO. This week's DLO was mostly about our researching skills. We had to answer the 5 ws and the H for an Olympic Athlete that competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics. After finishing answering the 6 questions that we made we had a choice to go deeper and ask more. I definitely enjoyed researching about Lisa Carrington. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Blog Commenting W8

Today I did blog commenting. I commented on Abdurrahim, Angela and Christopher's blog. I saw and read interesting blogposts. Most of them needed to work on their blog post. I reminded them that there are posters around the classroom to help them get a bit more detail to help the reader to understand. 


This week for Can Dos I did Prototec. I played stage 6. I played the sections 1000 addition & subtraction, Grouping with 10, and  Mixed Multiplication. I think 1000 addition and subtraction was the hardest part of the can do. But anyways, I got 10 out of 10 for all 3 sections.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to make Poi - Angari

This week for Writing, Mr Wong's group wrote a Procedural text on How to make a Poi. For our lesson we watched a video about how to make a poi. In groups we took notes about the materials needed, steps, and keywords. We made sure that all our steps began with a verb and that we used specific words in our text. We revised about the structures and language features about a Procedural piece of text. I worked with Zane for the planning. Then I worked on my own for the text. 

Japanese Method - Angari

This week for Maths I learnt how to do the Japanese Method. Group Wanaka got to choose to either learn the Japanese Method, Korean Method or Algorithm. Most of us voted for Japanese Method. For our Must do we had to explain how to do that method. I enjoyed learning new methods to solve problems. 

Robber's Mask - Reading DLO

L.I: to find the most important (main idea in a text). This week for Reading, Group Ngauruhoe read Robber's Mask. First we predicted about what the story would be about by looking at the title. Then I buddy read with Sky to answer questions about the pages read. After reading we make a summary about the main ideas in these pages. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Brochure Maths

This term for Maths we have been talking about new strategies and ways to solve problems. We tested to see if we could use the strategies anywhere - When buying something. Our groups got into partners to do this task. We were given $5,000 per group and had to buy 10 items from the provided brochures. We had to track what we were spending so we could add and subtract the prices. Then we used the fake money to exchange and borrow for which strategy we're using. For our must do we had to take a photo of the item we're buying, and subtract and add the prices using whatever strategy we've been using these past weeks. I collaborated with Jack. We had fun adding and subtracting prices, and finding what items to buy.

Inquiry - Training

This week we rotated 1 last time in our Inquiry groups. My last group was Training with Mr Ogilvie. First we had to attribute images about Agility, Strength and Endurance. Then we talked about what might being Physically active means as a group. Then we wrote our answer on our google slide. Mr Ogilvie opened a presentation on, while we took notes about the Muscular system. 

The Robber's Mask - Word Webs

This week for Reading, Mr Wong's groups read The Robber's mask. To make the session more fun we played a game. Our group was split into 2 teams. As a group we had to skim and scan for words through the text and list them. Then we had about 5 minutes to find a definition for every word. This was kind of easy for our group because everyone had a computer and we had dictionary and thesaurus sites provided to help us. Then we played our game. Each group had turns naming a word they listed and giving the definition. If the judge, Mr Wong allowed it you would get a trade for an iceblock stick. The point of the game is to get 6 iceblock sticks of the same color. If the opponent adds to the definition they would also get a trade. We had lots of fun getting competitive and finding new words we didn't know before. In the end, our group got 6 Red iceblock sticks for our team. We used great sportsmanship during that game. For our must do, we had to list down every definition, synonym and antonym for each word in 1 group slide.  

Writing DLO - Procedural text

This week for Writing, Mr Wong's groups have been mainly focusing on Procedural (Instructional) Writing. Last week we talked about structures of a procedural text, now this week we discussed about the language features of an instructional text. For our session we worked with group Aotearoa. We got into groups, and were given a pen and paper. Our groups had to list down as many verbs in the text as possible. Then we had to spot 'Compound Verbs', for example:'Take turns'. Another Compound verb was 'Ante Up'. After that, we watched an instructional video and wrote down all the verbs we heard as possible. It was suprising to see a lot of verbs in a short piece of text. Our must do was do make a Writing DLO about the exemplar, 'How to play Marbles'. I worked with Zane, Joel, Nyjah and Mele. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Today for Maths I played Prototec. There are four sections on Stage 6, 1000 subtraction and addition, Addition to 20, Subtraction to 20 and Mutiplication and Division for 2, 3, 5 and 10.

Blog Commenting - Maths

Every week for Maths, Mr Ogilvie's groups comment on people's blogs from the previous week. I commented on Aung Naing's, Brianna's and Miki's blog. I found that they all needed some improvement on their blogposts. I also gave them advice to look at the blogpost poster around the walls in LS1 to help them get a great blogpost.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing: Structures & Language Features - Procedural Writing

L.I: to identify the structure and language features of a procedural text. This week for Writing, Mr Wong's groups are focusing on Procedural Writing. In this task we were given pen and paper. We had to follow Mr Wong's instructions to get the right outcome. We had to draw shapes on our paper to get the right picture. We did this twice. I found it hard to do the first picture because some of us were confused from the instruction given from Mr Wong. The second picture I found the easiest because Mr Wong gave more details and he showed us some of the shapes we didn't know like isosceles triangle, trapezium and a right angled triangle. We then looked at the text How to Play Marbles. We had to discuss with our neighbours what the structure and language features are in a Procedural piece of text. We came up with the method TMSP whic stands for Title, Materials, Steps and Picture which is the structure in a procedural text.