Thursday, 15 December 2016

LS1 Geometry Art

This week and last, Mr Ogilvie's groups did Geometry art. First we started with a white A3 sheet of paper with perspective lines. We then used google to search for images of 3d shapes. I drew a hexagon prism, pentagon prism, cone, square based pyramid, cylinder, cube, cuboid, and a triangle prism. Once we drew the shapes in pencil, we began to color the background using pastels. I chose the colors Blue and Yellow. After colouring the backgrounds we used a ruler to measure the floor. Then we used the checkered board patterns for the floor. We then coloured it in white and black. After that we used a vivid to go around edges of each shape. Finally, we used one more pastel to color our shapes. I had lots of fun doing this project during the past 2 weeks.  

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